It is always a pleasure to tell a story selecting photographs, our blog is all about getting married in some of the most romantic venues in Santorini, and having that special day photographed by one of our professional photographers. We love weddings and we love to travel and most of all we love destination weddings and adventurous elopements. To meet different people from different countries and cultures and celebrate together is awesome. Are you ready to daydream with us?

Chic wedding in Santorini

Chic wedding in Santorini   Charlotte and Anthony were like two magnets, being pulled from other sides of the world to meet in Santorini, and they made a promise that their destination wedding will be in the same island of love. Charlotte grew up in London, England. Anthony grow up in a small coastal farming …

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Wedding In Santorini

Wedding in Santorini Photographer If you are looking for a Santorini Photographer and wedding in Santorini that will sweep you off your feet, you must see the beautiful wedding of Maria and Pedro. Our beautiful bride from Russia is a top model and as you can see in pictures posing was very easy for her, …

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Santo Wines Wedding

Santo Wines Wedding What a beautiful day! Joe and Tola travel from Engald to Greece to live their dream, a destination wedding in Santorini. I’m glad to remember this experience of the last days of August 2022, each time we move around Santorini to make destination wedding photos we always found wonderful places and lot …

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Santorini Gem Wedding

Santorini Gem Wedding For this reason I will never stop loving wedding. A thousand pictures full of emotions, where when you combine those, create a story that always have something to say. One of these was Nicole’s and Alex wedding, a couple full of love and energy. From the first moment we met the bride …

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Santorini Elopement in Andromeda

Elopement In Santorini     Are you dreaming of an elopement in Santorini but still in doubt if this is the best decision? Then you have to see our following chic elopement in Dana Villas wedding venue, a beautiful place to celebrate your love with the best way. Just by the way this couple looks at …

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Videography in Santorini

Santorini Photographer

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Why shoud we film your wedding in Santorini? Being part of your best day is like a challenge for us, every time is it a new emotion to meet new people and tell their love story. We love to capture feelings of love, tears of happiness, and for us it's a great pleasure when couples are happy with the work done. We are a wedding videography team consisting of three professionals with common course to capture spontaneous, beautiful, and special moments of you best day. Our team can travel wherever you may want us to be and to hold your wedding day in motion pictures in time. Influenced by the passion of video, our style is reportage and documentary. Wedding videographer in Santorini for us is not a job but is what we love to do, to search and looking for moments of love and happiness.


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