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What About Us

Wedding Stories is a professional photography and videography team based in Santorini and Crete. We are specialized in
weddings in marvellous Greece, creating beautiful images that will always
remain in your memories.
Our team has many years of experience working in Santorini and Crete and discovering secret spots for unforgettable photo and video
What about us, all the professionals are legally authorized to work all across Greece. Our mission is to further develop the overall excellence of photography and to capture memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, in the timeless photographs, made thanks to and for the many souls that roam the Earth.

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Photographer - Videographer


In all weddings (and any other special
moment), we look for stories and genuine
emotions. We do not only capture your joy,
happiness and laughs, but also your deepest
feeling and tears.
If you think Wedding Stories suits your
style, please leave us a message giving us a
glimpse of your story.
We are looking forward to capturing your
dreams and memories on a wedding in Santorini.

Our Proficiency